Penrose Innovation Awards 2016

Championing Pioneer Entrepreneurs

Penrose Awards 2016

My highlight of the year

Jonathan Margolis, The Financial Times



50 Nominees compete for these awards each year, from next generation medical technologies, to artificial intelligence, energy tech, gaming, robotics, big data, IOT, to blockchain, material science, and more. It’s one of the toughest business awards in the world, and is designed to champion pioneer entrepreneurs on the way up. Each of the nominees are doing extraordinary things within their sector, and demonstrating extraordinary potential as young pioneering businesses.


Product Of The Year

A radical new skincare range, based on patented biotech. Led by Dr Marie Drago, Gallinée focusses on the microbiome, as the world’s 1st pro-biotic product range for healthy skin. Their formulas are inspired by scientific research that shows the human body is in fact composed of over 50% bacteria, many of which are harmed by everyday products. Gallinée secured international distribution as a lean startup, alongside huge PR coverage and consumer interest, within months of launch.


Innovator Of The Year

A paradigm shift in the diamond and insurance trades. Everledger is a radical use of blockchain technology, with the potential to disrupt insurance fraud, blood diamonds, and the $multi-billion criminal underworld, which relies on diamonds as a currency for funding terrorism and exchanging contraband. Everledger have registered +1m diamonds in their first 18 months, while securing global partnerships on the back of their breakthrough innovation.